1920s religion essay example

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1920s religion essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Norris 6th hour Sample DBQ Response to demonstrate document integration Prompt The s were a period of tension between new and changing attitudes on the one hand and traditional values and nostalgia on the other.

What led to the tension between old and new AND in what ways was the tension manifested The firestorm of the Great War revealed an American society rife with conflict and opposing values.

Americans reacted to the legacy of the war with new political doctrines, contentious views of religion, and emerging social and artistic trends. Heightened tensions were demonstrated by how Americans reacted to the legacy of the Great War.

Debate over religion, morality, politics, economics, and art broke along modern and traditional lines. The roaring 20s manifested these differences in court rooms, national politics, grass roots campaigns, and in the emerging transportation and media revolutions.

American religion became a major front in the s culture wars. Mainstream Protestantism, Fundamentalism, Catholicism, and Judaism were prominent and controversial. While traditional Protestants retained control of Americas commanding heights, the influx of fundamentalism among old stock Americans and the importation 1920s religion essay example Catholicism and Judaism with new immigrants created a volatile mix.

New Yorks Alfred Smith was unable to win the presidency in largely because of his Irish Catholic faith.

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Preachers such as Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple MacPherson attracted national audiences through their sophisticated use of new media outlets such as the radio. Ironically, modernism shaped the religious resurgence in the s.

1920s religion essay example

MacPhersons revivals were known for having sex appeal and being a form of supernatural whoopee. Doc I Even the fundamentalist movement was shaped by the new trends in the United States.

DIVISIONS 5. Religion & Science. Collected commentary on the religion-science debate, classroom, and continues to this day. To what extent did the religion-science divide reflect other social and political divisions of the s, and to what extent was it unique? (Michael Lienesch essay) - Tennessee Encyclopedia (overview) - PBS. The Intolerance of the American Society in the 's American Women in the Essay. American Women in the s The s was a decade full of challenges, opportunities, and new outlooks on the world for American women. They experienced drastic changes in politics, education, and even within their own homes. 's Dbq Essay example. During the s the United States began to confine immigrants due to cultural and economical purposes. The immigrants faced several afflictions such as religious oppression. The largest proportion of these new immigrants was from Italy, Russia, and Ireland.

The presidencies of Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover maintained the practice of traditional Protestantism in the White House, but that did not prevent national upheaval over the brand of religion propagated by Sunday and MacPherson. The introduction of the theory of evolution into the high school curriculum awoke the sleeping giant of fundamentalist Christianity and created tension over the separation of church and state.

Evolution versus creationism became a metaphor for the much larger religious debate in the United States. The Scopes Monkey trial demonstrated the religious tension of the era. Clarence Darrow defended the Science teacher, John T.

Bryan and Darrow battled for weeks over their religious interpretations and beliefs. Modernists challenged the notion that everything in the bible should be literally interpreted. Whereas fundamentalists believed the likes of Darrow were voicing a slur to the bible.

Their debate represented a national tension over the variety of religious beliefs existing in the United States by the s. Religion also served as a pseudonym to discuss Americas new ethnic diversity.

In the United States was made up of African slaves, Native Americans, and a smattering of protestant northwestern Europeans.

In Warren G. The teeming masses populated Americas cities, but the governors mansions and Congressional seats were still firmly under the control of white Anglo Saxon males.

1920s religion essay example

Congress passed three immigration laws in, and to cut off immigration from undesirable regions. The immigrants Sacco Vanzetti reinforced this fear of immigrants.

Catholics were feared to obey the Pope, instead of the president. Jews were believed to carry with them the radical ideologies their Russian homeland, as exemplified in the case of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman.

White fears were not assuaged by political domination. The KKKs presence served to intimidate blacks, Jews, and Catholics who strove for political representation, or even just urban integration. Lynchings occurred in almost every state in the s, not just in the traditional south.

The Palmer Raids of set the standard as the zenith of xenophobic hysteria.

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Groups such as the KKK and the Americanism movement manifested outside of the governments mandate, demonstrating the grass roots tension in the country.

The Klan unabashedly believed they represented the old stock Americans who had given the world almost the whole of modern civilization.

Nostalgia like the Klans represented a yearning for the old America. The political domination of the Anglo Whites does not indicate that minority groups acquiesced to the pressures of the old America.Phone: Home; New & Reconditioned Pumps. Make Vacuum Great Again; New Vacuum Pump Gallery.

Feb 09,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Era (ss) coincided with the epublican government that followed the defeat of William Jennings Bryan and the gold standard and culminated in the establishment of the Federal eserve and the Great Depression.

The Arguments of the Proslogion. The arguments of the Proslogion Looking back on the sixty-five chapters of complicated argument in the Monologion, Anselm found himself wishing for a simpler way to establish all the conclusions he wanted to prove.

Free 's papers, essays, and research papers. to pronounce a religion or political view, to express ideas, and so on. As a citizen of the United States, having these rights has been the case for many decades.

- The growth of government from through was the worst example of “America the great exception” because every. The Intolerance of the American Society in the 's American Women in the Essay. American Women in the s The s was a decade full of challenges, opportunities, and new outlooks on the world for American women.

They experienced drastic changes in politics, education, and even within their own homes. 's Dbq Essay example. Religion was a cultural battleground during the s.

The roots of this religious conflict started in the late 19th century. Before the Civil War the Protestant denominations believed that the findings of science confirmed the teachings of religion.

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