An analysis of susan mcclellands article distorted images

Distorted images susan mcclelland analysis essay

An analysis of susan mcclellands article distorted images

Ashley Tulacz The media can have a damaging effect on a teenagers self-esteem that can cause them to go to drastic measures to get that "perfect" body. The "Ideal" Image The media puts out an image of a tall, blonde, big chested woman as beautiful. Teenagers are going to look up to celebrities and what the magazines are telling them to look like.

Not everyone is going to be able to live up to that expectation, and teenagers will do anything to be able to attain it. In the article,Who's That Girl: The teenagers will buy all of the products that are advertised in the magazine just to feel that they are beautiful and that they belong.

The magazines give off "tips" on how to be skinnier or "How to fit into your skinny jeans," but these have more repercussions than they expect.

John Maltby from the British Journal of Health Psychology found in his article, Intense-personal celebrity worship and body image: Western culture is spreading more than just a speedy life to other parts of the world.

The idea that lighter skin and blonde hair is a prevailing "look" that is going through the minds of teenagers all throughout the world. Susan tells of women of different races wanting to change the color of their skin just to fit in with the Western culture the thin, white, and blonde woman.

The whole world wants to be one in appearance.

An analysis of susan mcclellands article distorted images

People need to figure out that diversity is beautiful, that different is good. Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" used real women and it helped many women.

An analysis of susan mcclellands article distorted images

There are only a few companies willing to change the way advertising is done and with the few companies changing, there are many that are just sticking to the norm.

Self-esteem The media is a factor that plays into girls self-esteem, but as the media portrays a certain image, all teens do is pick on other girls that do not look "pretty" or are to normal. Teenagers will go to extremes to be just like the celebrities. They will turn to anorexia and bulimia if they think they are too fat or if they are darker skinned, they will bleach it to become lighter.

In the adolescent years, the body is still growing and girls are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. This is a huge problem that starts with the media.

As long as Barbie is thin and the "Brat" dolls give attitude the teenagers will be influence to look and act like them. The adolescent years are when people are the most vulnerable and just want to feel like they belong. If more news gets out that the advertising is causing such horrible problems, more can be done, but if people are just going to give it a passing glance, then nothing will get done and more and more adolescents will get even more obsessed with being beautiful.

All teenagers want to do is fit in and if fitting in means not eating for a few days or throwing up after every meal, then they will do whatever it takes to be in the "in" crowd.In Susan McClelland’s article: Distorted Images: Western Cultures are Exporting Their Dangerous Obsession with Thinness.

Zahra Dhanani was put on her first diet at the age of 7, by her mother, because she thought she would be better off happy if she was skinny. She was on many diets but the.

Thesis Susan McClelland demonstrates the view that Western media portrays beauty as women being thin and men being built; this view is beginning to be, "shoved in the faces of people all over the world". By: Susan McClelland Based on body image, the media, and affects on the.

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