An analysis of the methods of strategies by doctor martin luther king

The civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. C waves to supporters 28 August on the Mall in Washington, D. Martin Luther King Jr.

An analysis of the methods of strategies by doctor martin luther king

Martin Luther King, Jr. King was more than a moral visionary; he was a creative tactician.

An analysis of the methods of strategies by doctor martin luther king

In the late s a major change took place within the civil rights community, a shift from representative government to direct action democracy. When the young Black movement broke away from the confines of electoral politics, society began to change.

It handled legal cases, achieved an historic victory in Brown v Board of Education, and carried out valuable work within the normal channels of government-Congress and the courts. Its leaders were drawn primarily from the professional class, and its approach to segregation was institutional.

The rise of mass-action strategy changed the course of history. It was a boycott-the Montgomery bus boycott, led by Dr. King-that launched the modern civil rights movement. African Americans made up 70 percent of the passengers in Montgomery, and the boycott was based on the simple recognition that the local merchants were economically dependent on Black riders.

All great social movements-movements that convert dissenting opinion into leverage, movements that become a force in history-are based on power, not mere communication of discontent.

It was during the Montgomery bus boycott, spontaneous in origin, that Dr. King, as head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, developed a long-term strategy for desegregation. In his autobiography replete with insights on tactics and strategy King describes his debt to Gandhi and his strategic revelations about applied ethics and social movements.

He raises the questions that all movements address: Do strikes and boycotts work? Are the hardships worth the gains? Where is the oppressor vulnerable?

And where does the potential power of the oppressed reside? King gives an initial answer: I came to see that what we were really doing was withdrawing our cooperation from an evil system, rather than merely withdrawing our support from the bus company.

The bus company, being an external expression of the system, would naturally suffer, but the basic aim was to refuse to cooperate with evil.

We were simply saying to the white community: We can no longer lend our cooperation to an evil system.

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Planned, well-organized boycotts played a major role throughout all phases of the civil rights movement. On February 1stfour Black college freshmen sat down at a whites-only lunch counter at Woolworths in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The sit-in movement was born. White students in the North were eager to support the civil rights movement. The national boycott provided a vehicle for their pent-up energy and creativity. They put up posters, set up pickets, devised new chants, sang songs in front of stores, and turned shoppers into activists for civil rights.

Some of the students who participated in the boycott later became founders of Students for a Democratic Society, a massive nation-wide student organization committed to participatory democracy. Students are more easily aroused and energized by direct action than by electoral campaigns for pre-selected candidates.

The vitality of the civil rights movement was due in part to its independence from the confines and self-censorship of electoral politics.Anonymous 7 years ago Again excellent analysis Jack-particularly on Two Doctors.

I remember reading an even worse line that was deleted (check the production subtitles on the DVD) where the Doctor tells Peri that the Androgums have been a slave race for thousands of years.

According to Arundhati Roy, "There is no discussion taking place in the world today that is more crucial than the debate about strategies of resistance."There is no greater strategist in American history, no teacher more relevant to our post-election malaise, than Dr.

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An analysis of the methods of strategies by doctor martin luther king

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