An introduction to the analysis of blanche

Scene Notes — Scene 10 Summary: Colour Williams often uses the motif of colour in this scene to indicate and highlight certain aspects of Stanley and Stella. First of all, the clothes of Blanche and Stanley are described by their colours.

An introduction to the analysis of blanche

Blanche Dubois is the older sister of Stella Kowalski who visits them in New Orleans and stays throughout the summer. She was a schoolteacher of English in Mississippi and presents herself as very prim, proper, and prudent. Her name is French and she says, 'It [Dubois] means woods and Blanche means white, so the two together mean white woods.

Like an orchard in spring! She was married to a young man named Allan, who committed suicide when she was very young. She drinks and smokes and tells lies. She suffers from continual delusions of hearing polka tunes and gunshots. Stella loves her dearly, but Stanley is in direct opposition to her false appearance and selfish attitude.

Blanche cannot be around direct light and is overly concerned with her appearance, accessories, bathing, and age. She has a brief romance with Mitch and is later committed to a mental institution. Stanley is Stella's strong and good-looking husband. He works in a factory and has little 'proper' upbringing.

Stella loves him dearly, as well, but he has trouble controlling his temper. He is smarter than he appears and is the first person to see through Blanche's facade.

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He plays poker, bowls, drinks, and is completely in love with Stella. He is often referred to as a Polack and a commoner. Stella is Blanche's baby sister and young wife of Stanley.

An introduction to the analysis of blanche

She moved to New Orleans from Mississippi when she was young and fell in love with Stanley. She is pregnant during the course of the play and is completely torn between her strong love for her husband and her devoted love to her sister. Mitch is one of Stanley's friends from the factory as well as one of his poker buddies.

He develops a romance with Blanche and believes her to be unique, beautiful, and proper. He dumps her after he discovers her torrid past. He has never been married and lives with his beloved, sick mother.

He is described as clumsy, more refined than Stanley is, but still somewhat common. Minor Characters Eunice Hubbell: Eunice is the upstairs neighbor in the Elysian Fields house.

She constantly fights with her husband, Steve. She helps Stella when she leaves Stanley after the poker night fight and also helps Stella when Blanche is eventually committed. Steve is Eunice's husband, with whom she is always fighting. He is also one of Stanley's poker buddies who is present during the first big game and the final scene.

He seems to be weaker than his wife. She meets Blanche in the beginning of the play when she arrives looking for her sister.

She represents the racially mixed society of New Orleans in the fifties. The Mexican woman is a flower girl on the streets of New Orleans. She enters the play at specific times, forcing Blanche to remember her dead family. The young collector for the Evening Star newspaper knocks on the door of the house, looking for money.

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Blanche sees her young husband in him and seduces him. He represents part of Blanche's tawdry past. Pablo is also one of Stanley's poker buddies.A Streetcar Named Desire Essay Examples.

total results. The Good Qualities of the Play a Streetcar Named Desire. words. An Analysis of Blanche Du Bois in a Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. words. 2 pages. A Review of the Movie A .

Introduction Bigsby ( 53) asserts that the ‘distinguishing character’ of Tennessee Williams’ A analysis of the extract reveals how Blanche utilises language to disguise a hidden stimulus, attempting to assert herself over Stanley by indulging in an illusion of superiority.

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Scene Analysis of Scene Seven of A Streetcar Named Desire Essay Scene Analysis of Scene Seven of A Streetcar Named Desire As a connection to Stanley’s questioning Blanche about her affair in the “Hotel Flamingo” in Scene Five, Scene Seven starts with his revelation of Blanche’s past life in Laurel.

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