Assessment of gilbert grape

July 16, 4. He was concerned about Arnie's continued lack of supervision. Sheriff Farrell stated that Arnie was taken into custody for climbing the water tower in Endora, but later released to his mother, Bonnie Grape.

Assessment of gilbert grape

Even though there father is not around to partake in decision-making, the idea of him and the way he had previously run the family still has a great influence on the way each member makes decisions.

Mama tends to make decisions based around her own needs and the needs of Arnie, the child she feels most connected to, due to the social stigmas surrounding the both of them. The death of the father is an unresolved issue for many of the Grape family members.

This is strain on the family has caused some of the members to separate themselves from the decision-making process. One is that successful decision-making requires constructive criticism and the ability for each member to self-express while also leaving room for compromise and negotiating various ideas and outcomes Hepworth et al, In order to maintain homeostasis, the Grape family chooses not to share their feelings and instead fulfills each individual responsibility without complaint.

The second component to be aware of is that effective decision-making requires that each family member understands their worth and the worth of other members' contributions to the decision-making process Hepworth et al, Gilbert clearly has no regard for himself when decisions are made surrounding his responsibilities to the family.

She is looking out for her well being and has decided that she will do everything she can to make sure decisions are made in her best interest. The third component is that each decision should be thought out in terms of needs rather than solutions meaning that each member must be willing to adjust their ideas and norms according to various situations Hepworth et al, The family is so set in their ways that they often forget that decisions need to be adjusted for various family needs.Essay on Movie Commentary: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

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Assessment of gilbert grape

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a film focused on Gilbert Grape, a young adult who lives in the small town of Endora, Iowa. Gilbert, a son and a brother, lives in a family of five in a small run-down house built by his father.

Assessment of gilbert grape

Bonnie Grape was informed of the referral by the police department. iridis-photo-restoration.comting Problem The presenting problem I noticed upon first meeting the Grape family was the lack of adequate supervision concerning Arnie.

Assessment of Gilbert Grape; Decision Making Process; Risk Assessment Tools in Decision Making; Nursing Process and Clinical Decision-Making; Job-Related Decision Making Process; The Military Decision Making Process; The Statement of Financial Performance Is Based on Data Relating to Past Transactions and Events.4/4(1).

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(2) Treatment is recommended for the family as a whole. Join now to read essay Gilbert Grape Assessment The Decision-Making Process According to Hepworth, Rooney and Larsen (), issues of decision-making are closely linked to the power dynamics within a family in that the responsibility of decision-making is often held by parents or modeled after parents’ approaches to decision-making/5(1).

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