Bullard house negotiations

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Bullard house negotiations

Bullard house negotiations

My target price was 11 million. I managed to start the conversation first. My offered 10 million dollars, and my justification was that a lot of preservation work and fixings work have to be done before I can start moving in.

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Soon, I found that the seller was not interested price but have too much interest in the potential use of this site.

I tried everything except lying but my partner was feeling difficult to make progresses. What I can do include office building, hotel, art gallery, residential buildings and etc. I tried to make my really intention, hotel, overwhelmed by a lot of other possible options, and finally we made an agreement of potential uses of the site.

After that, our negotiation turned out to be very smooth. We had several offers and counter offers and then reached a deal, 17 million dollars with some additional conditions. On reflection, I learnt a lot in terms of negotiation strategies and concepts and gained insights of real world negotiation through our post negotiation class discussion and class analysis.

The first and foremost is the no deal option. In this case, no deal is actually the best option because the intended use of this site is not well aligned with the interest of both parties.

The common ground was not solid. As we can see from the real picture, I do not think the big hotel building behind the Bullard houses fits well with surroundings. The Bullard houses were abandoned and wasted.

It is human nature or a cost-saving thinking mode that drive us to reach a bad deal, and it is also very easy to stick with numbers because of our bias. We need to always be careful about this and gauge our interest in reaching an agreement versus no deal.

Integrated negotiation was another critical part of this negotiation. If both parties agreed on the use of site, a lot of integrated negotiation strategies can be applied. We had common interest on retaining the name, address and appearance of this site and on engaging more local customers. We were able to expand our pie.

If those factors mentioned above could be leveraged wisely, I would gain some extra bargaining power. This is much easier than getting an additional piece of pie from our opponents. Lying is not a good option although lying may give us more advantage over our opponent.

For example, if a buyer lied about our BATNA or use of this site, the buyer would definitely impose more pressure on the opponent to reduce the price. However, in the negotiation, it is very hard to figure out this real reservation price andMar 23,  · Free Essays on Bullard House Negotiation.

Search. Bullard Houses Negotiation. The Bullard Houses Negotiation Role: The Buyer’s representative, Small negotiations between master and slave were critical interactions that helped define both slavery and slave's reactions to it.

Mallory Bullard is the founder of a well-respected real estate firm, as such she knows when she sees a poor offer. The buyer is unaware of the conditions placed on the house The historical district is now a chic area filled with houses, restaurants and trendy boutiques/5(1).

The Bullard Houses, built in , are located at the edge of Gotham's BUYING A HOUSE SKILL Yes, this is definitely a distributive bargaining situation. Base on my opinion, when it comes to purchasing a house, Negotiations Strategies December 3. The Bullard Houses Options Interests Criteria BATNA Madison Properties Wants to create 91 luxury apartments Sell between $, and $ million; revenues of ~$ million Want to buy 75% of Downtown stock and give us %25 share in profits after costs Up front we get: $11 million cash.

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Reflection on the Bullard Houses Negotiation Case