Chicago booth business plan competition

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Chicago booth business plan competition

How to Sell Out: If you want to read more about each one, click on the picture to be redirected to the corresponding post. I was re-doing and selling my furniture for over a year before I did my first event, and I was already selling on Etsy, so I had my profits saved and ONLY used those profits to buy what I needed for the event.

Additionally, you need a good support system. My husband always takes a week off of work right before the event. Just to give you an idea, I saw a big difference in profits and traffic when the location was super accessible to the general public, when the location was in an area of reasonable affluence, there were special things like giveaways and live music during the event, and prior to the event it was advertised not just on billboards and word of mouth, but on TV, radio, and social media.

Can you get inspiration from someone else and put your spin on it? Can you even sell some of the same things as other people? But make sure it is consistent with YOUR brand. I say brand, because that is exactly what you are creating.

Your style represents your business which is ultimately your brand. Start experimenting with different styles until you find it. If you paint furniture like me, try out modern, shabby, farmhouse, chippy, retro, hand-painted, layered, european, colorful, etc.

chicago booth business plan competition

Find what you love the most. Find what makes you excited. You can even blend styles. No one says you have to fit perfectly in one type. Maybe you are an eclectic mix.

But still you need to be consistent with things that are uniquely YOU. You HAVE to have your own style before you get to the point of running a successful booth. How are you going to stand out?

chicago booth business plan competition

Offer variety of items If your booth comes across as a one-trick pony, you will get people who just take one look and walk right by. Create interesting vignettes and ideas… ways to show off the best aspect of what you are selling.

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I buy things that I would put in my home… and it gives those people a chance to take something home from Shades of Blue. Large and small furniture Not everyone came to shop for a big dresser or buffet. But that stool would sure look adorable in the kitchen! Or that chair or end table would look perfect in the office!

Not the big money maker, but not the least expensive either. They also are great for filling in those awkward spots that none of your bigger pieces fit in. Make sure you spend quality time making it look loved and unique.

Does it have a history or story?

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This also applies to larger pieces.Skye Hanke is a third-generation grower and over the past 15 years, he has worked with many companies in the indoor gardening industry doing brand development and product design with special focus on new technology development.

National Elevator Pitch Competition Results. If you see any information that needs to be corrected, please send corrections in an email to [email protected] Antitrust and Competition conference - Digital Platforms and Concentration April 19–20, Gleacher Center, N Cityfront Plaza Drive.

One example is GrubHub, the winner of the New Venture Challenge at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The online food ordering company went public in If you do win a competition, success is never guaranteed, however. AllmediaNY is an online News portal which covers local and international news, trending and breaking news about Sports, Education, Cricket, Business, Entertainment, Weather, Celebs news, Lifestyle etc.

A student team at the U of C's Booth school is pitching a plan to turn the expensive, unused white elephant—once destined to be a "superstation"—into something useful.

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