Dang le nguyen vu

Milestones[ edit ] Being presented at all domestic provinces, successfully franchising in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia Launched G7 instant coffee. Established office in Singapore.

Dang le nguyen vu

The dismissal came just a day after a HCMC court reinstated her.

Dang le nguyen vu

The statement accused Thao of disrupting its management activities in an attempt to corner the group and Vu, forcing the dismissal.

Thao's goal is to take complete control over Trung Nguyen so she wants to have Mr.

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Dang Le Nguyen Vu declared insane and legally incapacitated. There has always been a methodical plan and roadmap to implement Mrs. Thao's ambition," the statement said.

It accused Thao of threatening Vu's partners during the couple's struggles over property and rights to manage and run the company. Photo acquired by VnExpress Following the latest dismissal, Thao has accused Vu and Trung Nguyen of violating the law and not complying with ruling of a HCMC court on Thursday, which reinstated her and ruled that she must not be obstructed from participating in running and managing the company.

Therefore I will have the right to request criminal prosecution against such subjects in accordance with current regulations," she said.

Thao also added that she would immediately return to Trung Nguyen to continue running and managing the company as its deputy general director, co-owner and co-founder. She also claimed to have prepared correct development strategies for Trung Nguyen after a long period of the company being manipulated and gutted by a group of manipulators.

In her lawsuit against her first dismissal, Thao had said that as Vu's wife and co-founder of Trung Nguyen, she was a member of the group's board of directors and owned 10 percent of its charter capital, as well as 50 percent of her and Vu's common assets.

In MayThao was appointed Trung Nguyen's deputy general director, allowing her to manage the company under Vu's authorization. However, in JulyVu signed a decision to dismiss Thao as deputy general director without the board of directors' approval.

Dang le nguyen vu

He also instructed his employees to demolish her office and block her from entering the company's headquarters, Thao alleged. Furthermore, he prevented Thao from performing her rights and responsibilities as Trung Nguyen's shareholder and a board member, prompting her to file the lawsuit.

Photo by Lan Ngoc In addition to the lawsuit on deputy general directorship, Thao and Vu are also involved in several other legal disputes including their divorce, management rights over Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee Company and a case filed against the head of the Business Registration Office under Binh Duong Province's Department of Planning and Investment.anh dang le nguyen vu!

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The dismissal came just a day after a HCMC court reinstated her. In a statement issued Friday evening, Trung Nguyen Group said CEO Dang Le Nguyen Vu's decision to dismiss his wife Le Hoang Diep Thao was in keeping with the group’s philosophy, but did not elaborate.

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