Essay questions on cell structure

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Essay questions on cell structure

What is cell theory? Cell theory states that the cell is the basic unit of living organisms. Before the discovery of the cell, people were unaware that living organisms were made of building blocks like cells. Cell theory is one of the basic theories of biology.

Are there living organisms without cells?

Essay questions on cell structure

Viruses are considered the only living organisms that do not have cells. They do not have membranes, cell organelles, or own metabolism. InRobert Hooke, an English scientist, published his book Micrographia, in which he described that pieces of cork viewed under a microscope presented small cavities, similar to pores and filled with air.

What is the historical importance of this observation? The walls of the cavities observed by Hooke were the walls of the plant cells that form the tissue. This observation led to the discovery of cells, a fact only possible after the invention of the microscope. Cell Structure Review - Image Diversity: Hooke's cell Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells 4.

What are the two main groups into which cells are classified? Cells can be classified as eukaryotic or prokaryotic. Prokaryotic cells are those that do not have an enclosed nucleus. Eukaryotic cells are those with a nucleus enclosed by a membrane. Do the cells of bacteria have a nucleus? In bacteria, genetic material is contained in the cytosol and there is no internal membrane that encloses a nucleus.

Are any bacteria made of more than one cell? There are no pluricellular bacteria.

Essay questions on cell structure

All bacteria are unicellular and prokaryotic. Select any question to share it on FB or Twitter Just select or double-click a question to share.

Challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends. What is the plasma membrane of the cell? What are its main functions? The plasma membrane is the outer membrane of a cell, it encloses the cell itself, maintaining specific conditions for cellular function within the cell.

Since it is selectively permeable, the plasma membrane plays an important role in the entrance and exit of substances. What chemical substances compose the plasma membrane?

The main components of the plasma membrane are phospholipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Phospholipids are amphipathic molecules that are regularly organized in the membrane according to their polarity: Proteins can be found embedded in the lipid bilayer.

In addition, there are also some carbohydrates bound to proteins and to phospholipids in the outer surface of the membrane.In this lesson, we will discuss the components of the cell membrane and why the fluid mosaic model paints the best picture of its structure.

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Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics | Ereading Worksheets Also considered as the smallest independent living unit of all living organism. This consist of a plasma membrane surrounding a microscopic amount of Jelly-like cytoplasm.
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Briefly summarized, this doctrine states that cells are the fundamental units of both structure and function in all living things; that all forms of life animal, plant, and microbial are composed of cells and their secretions; and that cells arise only from preexisting cells, each cell haying a life of its own in addition to its integrated role in multi-cellular organisms. This statement seems both elementary and obvious to any student with some background in the biological sciences.

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