Free fall experiment lab report conclusion

Fasten the Photogate rigidly to a ring stand so the arms extend horizontally, as shown in Figure 1. The entire length of the Picket Fence must be able to fall freely through the Photogate. To avoid damaging the Picket Fence, make sure it has a soft surface such as a carpet to land on.

Free fall experiment lab report conclusion

The velocity time graph is in a straight line, meaning it was going at a constant acceleration. It was heading in a positive direction refer to graph 1. The relationship between the change in velocity and elapsed time was that the velocity increases constantly as the time increases therefore they were proportionate.

The slope of the velocity time graph was accelerating 6. The velocity position graph refer to graph 2 was curved because changing velocity means change in slope. The change in velocity of an object in free fall was directly proportional to the displacement.

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It is directly proportional to the time. This was because as time increases, velocity changed at a constant rate. Due to change in velocity, there was a change in displacement.

Errors After performing the experiment, several errors were noted. One error might be in the calculations in Table 1. The anticipated error was that the numbers would have been rounded and not completely accurate. A random error that occurred was that one group member released the object not in synchronization with the ticker timer which may have hindered the process of dots being recorded on the tape.

Conclusion I concluded that the velocity time graph did go in a straight line.

Free fall experiment lab report conclusion

My hypothesis was only partially correct. Instead of the acceleration being 9. · Procedure: Adjust the height of the free-fall adapter to some new height (your choice) using the clamp on the ring stand. Line up the free-fall adapter /Labs/  · The purpose of this lab was to evaluate the increase in velocity with time during a free fall.

Also, to determine the position from the start of the fall.

Free fall lab report

I used the table on the given lab sheet to design a table for my results. Me and my lab partners clamped a recording timer in a vertical position Free Fall Experiment.

One of the major topics discussed in Physics is the study of free fall, or the effect of the force of gravity on any //Free-Fall-Experiment-Discussion. · 5.

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Analyze the motion of an object in free fall, and 6. Measure the acceleration of gravity of an object in free fall height and times of fall in Table 1 of your lab report.

Since the ball is always dropped from rest we can use Equation to find g.


Experiment 4. Laboratory Report Uniformly accelerated  · Experiment 2 – Free Fall and Projectile Motion Pre-Lab for LAB#2 Intro Free Fall and the Acceleration Due To Gravity Remember the experiment, shown in lecture, of two steel balls falling to the ground – one with and the other without a horizontal velocity?  · The plot of the measured distance data above gives an impressive quadratic curve, just as the motion equations predict for a constant acceleration..

Taking differences between the measured distances in pairs and dividing by 1/60 second gives this velocity

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