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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The idea that a world can be a place of perfect equality between all humans and still have stability is an idea that if put into practice is sure to fail and cause upheaval and possibly the demise of humanity itself.

Gattaca and the ethical views Essay - Paper Example Gattaca and the ethical views Essay The main idea that underlines the entirety of the movie Gattaca rests on the assumption that at some point in the future, with the radical upsurge of technological and scientific innovations, humanity will experience a different form of discrimination - Gattaca and the ethical views Essay introduction.

The roles of both science and technology in supposedly upgrading the lives of men pose an even more serious set of queries that revolve around the future of man.

Will the genetic basis for the position of man in the social hierarchy dissolve the various elements that deter the flourishing of human life or will it degrade the rest of humanity and promote social prejudice even more? The moral strands that are to be found beneath the immediate scenes perceived shed light on the absolution of man from the clutches and the limiting aspects inflicted upon by science and technology in the course of the life of individuals.

In general, Gattaca sets the pace for the debates circumscribed in ethics and progress.

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Since every man attempts to achieve happiness with regards to his place in the society, it is most likely to happen that he will embrace the possible measures in achieving it.

An understanding of Kantian ethics can be roughly started with the presumption that if we are to strictly follow the assertion that the very goal of the lives of men is the attainment of happiness in general, then every individual will most likely be inclined to seek personal gratification as well as pleasure in the very desire for happiness.

Nevertheless, the attainment of happiness is not entirely within the human capacity and that the eventual attainment of happiness can be interpreted as a matter of chance which depends primarily on the varying capacities of man.

No universal assurance on the attainment of happiness can then be seen. Consequently, by trying to remove cynicism and nihilism and by allowing the ethical norms of man to occupy the actions of all, it is necessary for these ethical norms or doctrines to be both unconditional such that there should be no exceptions and universal in the sense that these tenets should be applicable to each and every human being Kant.

Gattaca essays humanity

For the most part, the concept of duty is central to the ethical precepts of Kant which he regards crucial by considering the difference that dwell between actions in accordance with duty and actions performed for the sake of duty. That is, if Vincent is motivated to do a certain act simply because he is entirely inclined to do such an act, then the act itself is considered to be bereft of moral worth Sullivan.

Duty for Kant is the inevitability or necessity of functioning out of a strict observation for laws that are universal. Consequently, the worth or value of the action done by Vincent in terms of moral contexts is essentially drawn from the intention of the action.

Thus, the content of the action done by Vincent in terms of intent have an important role in Kantian ethics. This content can be further expressed in two manners. The first states that there are maxims or imperatives which stipulate that there are acts based on the desires of the individual such as Vincent.

This is what Kant calls the hypothetical imperative.

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The latter type deals with what ought to be done. Thus, Vincent ought to have acted in treating Jerome not merely as his means to his own personal ends but as the very end himself of his own actions. By utilizing Jerome as a way in order for Vincent to fulfill his innermost desires, the latter has already crossed the boundary that separates man as an end and man as a mere utility of other men.

Vincent In the context of the movie, Vincent is portrayed as an individual who strives fervently in order to fulfill his dream of reaching Saturn. This he does by utilizing several schemes which include the act of assuming the identity of another person whose genetic composition is far better than his own.

Such behavior of Vincent, the protagonist in the movie, relates to us the idea that he is indeed inclined towards the pursuit of the completion of his desires, desires that will make him happy or satisfied with his life in a way.

This observation brings us to the idea that Vincent is somewhat an egoist, believing all the more in the capacity of his self to outdo others, and putting greater weight on what he can do for himself. Choose Type of service.Gattaca and the ethical views Essay.

The main idea that underlines the entirety of the movie Gattaca rests on the assumption that at some point in the future, with the radical upsurge of technological and scientific innovations, humanity will experience a different form of discrimination - Gattaca and the ethical views Essay Niccol’s exploration of the overpowering nature of technological advancements.

showing how science is overpowering humanity as he is never referred to using his name.

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scientific developments overpowering humanity are shown as ‘the experiment entitled Andrew Wiggin hadn’t worked out after all’ metaphorically asserts technology causing Gattaca Notes Essay * Within our DNA, we already have all the information that will determine our future.

* With genetic engineering, we can determine our future, from looks to how long we’ll live I chose the photo of Vincent coming up on the substance test as an 'invalid' because it is a good example of discrimination.

In the world of Gattaca, the people who are 'invalid' are seen as inferior and are considered lower-class Gattaca The novel Lord of the Flies begins with a vision of a utopian society and setting but progresses into a disappoint island full of savagery and .

The film Gattaca explores the possibilities of future technology development, and the way in which these advances would affect society. or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Gattaca essays humanity

Published: Mon, ‘perfection’ now divides humanity- if we can still call

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