Hardware and software selection

Implementation and Evaluation Selecting hardware and software for implementing information system in an organization is a serious and time-consuming process that passes through several phases. The main steps of the selection process are listed below:

Hardware and software selection

A "GeoPad" is a pen-enabled computing device i. It has sufficient memory, disk space, computational horsepower and screen real-estate, to support the desired activities. It can run necessary software including GIS and an electronic notebook i.

Also, it is composed of readily available, off-the-shelf components, which can be easily incorporated into existing teaching and information technology support infrastructures. Second, the specific hardware and software you select should be dependent on the learning goals and outcomes you plan to address through GeoPad-enabled activities.

Budgetary constraints are also often an unwelcome, but important factor. The basic design requirements of the GeoPad and GeoPocket are derived from the needs of students and instructors for field-based access to information technology. These requirements lead to two basic overall goals: The list we generate at this workshop is based on a wide array of experiences.

Cost itself is certainly a key criteria as well, though it can be highly variable depending on what trade-offs you are prepared to make. For a comparative review of field-based information technology, see: At present, there is no field mapping or tablet functionality.

There is a demonstrated need to develop this capability if anyone in the community has the experience and desire to do so. Generalized versus niche software i. Screen Resolution Sufficient viewing area to provide an appropriate level of contextual information; we suggest a minimum of x for students still developing their spatial reasoning skills.

A good rule of thumb is to view the real geologic map for an area to ensure that when you are zoomed out far enough to see the whole field area you can also still view sufficient details. Viewing documents and figures in the field from references also generally requires a screen that can display close to a full page of journal text.

Performance Sufficient memory to eliminate disk-swapping with multiple applications open 1GB is a good rule of thumb today, however, the memory requirements for applications of each subsequent generation are generally greater than the last, so plan appropriately for the future by either buying more RAM upfront or ensuring that more RAM can be added later on.

Sufficient computational horsepower to support advanced data analysis and interpretation 1GHz Pentium III M proves sufficient for the needs of students, however as IT evolves the need for faster processors is sure to follow.

Sufficient graphics capabilities to support advanced 3D visualization and data exploration. Sufficient disk space to hold the necessary background materials. This can be highly variable depending on the complexity of the supplemental information you choose to provide, such as video, spatially-extensive data sets, reference papers, digital texts, etc.

Wireless Networking Used to support real-time collaborative activities, data backup, data sharing, distribution of materials Bluetooth - by using this technology, users can have all computers coordinated.

Used to connect peripherals, such as GPS, audio headsets, digital cameras, data loggers Data ports e. A handy feature offered with some units is a separate, external battery charger that handles two batteries at once, which allows a user to keep working elsewhere, while two spare batteries are being charged.

Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget

Being able to purchase incremental upgrades, when significant advances in technology become available, rather than replacing entire units, is an important mechanism for minimizing the long-term costs of IT-enabling field science.

You want to maximize the usable life-time of the equipment you purchase, so you may want to consider extended warranties. We hope to get a minimum of four to five usable years out of our equipment, and have settled on three-year warranties as our target.

Some manufacturers, such as Panasonic, will immediately ship new equipment out, rather than have you wait for you own to be repaired; for example, if you break your screen, you can hang onto your hard drive, send the broken body in, and stick your hard-drive in the new unit when it arrives, thereby, minimizing your down-time.

Other Useful Information Walcott Scientific http:Hardware.

Hardware and software selection

To make a start you will require some basic hardware to get you up and running and talking to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi. I know this is kind of obvious, but you will need a Raspberry Pi .

May 05,  · Selection of any IT investment (both hardware and software) is a strategic decision which has to align with business-level metrics.

IT delivers efficiency and effectiveness to an organization. These investments must . Selecting Hardware and Software.

First, GeoPad, is not a specific brand or device, rather, it is a short-hand term coined to refer to the general combination of information technology that we feel has reached a level of maturity which provides attainable improvements and enhancements in teaching and learning for the Earth sciences, .

May 05,  · Selection of any IT investment (both hardware and software) is a strategic decision which has to align with business-level metrics. IT delivers efficiency and effectiveness to an organization. These investments must . SAD-Procedure For Hardware /Software Selection - Best Tutorials and Ready made Notes on all programming languages like HTML, CSS, ASP, JSP, JAVA, AJAX, XML, PHP, SQL, XML, XHTML, JAVASCRIPT. Free Essay: Hardware and Software Selection There is a necessity to have either hardware or software to integrate the accounting information into an.

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Hardware and Software Selection Criteria IT/ University of Phoenix. Hardware and Software Selection Criteria. According to Beisse (), “Benchmarks are based on objective evaluation criteria, or factorsused in a product selection procedure that are relatively unbiased” (Chapter 7).

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