Jc series jaw crusher

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Jc series jaw crusher

All of the Vipers have one. A parody of Space Adventure Cobra and the psychogun. Arts In the art book Drawing and Painting the Undead, one creature, the Mechanized Corpse, had it's left arm replaced with an M60 machine gun. The ammo belt replaced its stomach and intestines.

Second Kind (arm-mounted cannon)

Comic Books Cyborg of Teen Titans can transform one arm both in some stories into a "sonic cannon". In one of the many, many attempts by the DC writers to counteract the whole Superfriends cock-upAquaman had his arm chewed off by piranha when his powers were disabled.

He got it replaced with a harpoon, and later a cybernetic hand that could morph into a Jc series jaw crusher gun. The hand was later replaced with one made of mystical water. Neither really helped his image much.

The animated version actually cut his own arm off when chained up, in order to save his infant son. He gets the harpoon replacement and sticks with it throughout the series. Can we say badass?

Jc series jaw crusher

In another DC example, Guy Gardner one of the many Green Lanterns turned out to have an alien lineage that gave him the ability to shift his body into any weapon.

It was the Nineties, what can we say.

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The KGBeast, a Russian Batman villain hacked off his hand out of necessity and had a gun on the stump when he showed up again The Marvel Universe Villain Bushwacker can transform his right arm into a gun, thanks to CIA experiments preformed on him.

He has to swallow bullets whole to provide ammunition. Coheed has his right arm end up one of these. It's quite possibly the most realistic power of all the Kilgannons.

Coheed's left arm has several curved blades that pop out of it, as well as being able to destroy stars; his wife, Cambria, has tele-everything [-kinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance As well as clairvoyance.

Minor X-Men character Random had the power to turn his arms into protoplasm-firing guns. DeadshotBatman villain, sports two specially designed guns; one on each hand the ammo belt goes around the wrist like a bracelet. Joe had a variety of arm cannons including machine guns and flamethrowers.

Depending on the incarnation involved, they either had to be manually swapped out for hands, or transformed automatically. He could also connect his stump to vehicles, e.

Another Marvel Universe villain, Rapido, has a gatling gun mounted in place of his missing arm.


In the AD series Sinister Dexterthe character Kal Cutter has a Mangapore skin-job replacing his right hand - when he points his hand like a gun and says "skin", his hand turns into a pistol. If he then says "hush" it grows a silencer. The Transformers comics of Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW featured the chess master-type villain Shockwave, who not only sported a cannon as his left arm, but also transformed into a gun - making him a relatively rare example of Entire Body Cannon.

Megatron The original, G1-version himself might also qualify in that, while his right arm technically wasn't a cannon on its own, his famous Fusion Cannon was permanently attached to it, making his right hand almost useless to do anything except perhaps point at things.

Shattered Glass doesn't have an arm cannon, he has a small tank that also serves as a Laser Sword. Turmoil's entire right arm is a massive cannon which he uses to great effect in The Transformers: All Hail Megatron and The Transformers: Galvatron, being a remade version of Megatron in most continuities the main exception being IDW, where he's a completely unrelated character also sports a large energy cannon attached to his right arm.

The massive Omega Supreme not only has a cannon for a left arm, his right arm is a simple three-fingered claw that in some versions has another cannon built into the palm. Manual dexterity is not his strong suit.

He had a blaster cannon fitted inside an artificial arm; it was powerful enough to take down a wall, and even come very close to killing Darth Vader himself. However, since she is only partly cyborg, the power is drained straight from her life force.

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JC Series Jaw Crushers are new type ones developed based on the introduction and absorption of US and Europe technologies on crushers. They are the preferred primary crushers for any kinds of rocks. Solution reference.

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