Maths coursework marking

Share via Email Students may not be getting the exam grades they deserve due to the inconsistent marking. Your students have got their grades, university beckons and you can bask in the warm glow of a job well done.

Maths coursework marking

Share via Email This week, someGCSE students will receive their English exam results, but amid the joy and disappointment, fresh claims have emerged that raise concern over marking procedures at Britain's largest awarding body. Two years ago, Edexcel admitted using payroll staff to wade through a backlog of religious studies GCSE scripts.

This year, the employment of markers without relevant or recent teaching experience appears to be widespread in core subjects such as English. The experience of one new examiner, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggests that practices at Edexcel may have breached the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority's QCA guidelines that cover marker recruitment, training and monitoring.

The teacher, who has 10 years' experience, says she wanted to mark exam papers because "naively, I thought it would help me teach English and I could share the insight with my students". She applied to mark English GCSE papers at Edexcel, where exam scripts are separated for markers into three individual essay-style answers, each worth 25 marks of the total 75, and marked online.

But she was astonished by the lack of organisation at the board and of expertise among the group of markers at the training day. I was horrified to find that the vast majority had no experience of teaching. Many had responded to flyers they had seen at university.

GCSE Maths Coursework Tasks- Still Something to Offer? – Modulo Maths

But it is generally accepted by the boards that not all markers have to be teachers or have a background in the subject. An Edexcel spokeswoman says: Experienced teacher-examiners like to mark the longer essays. A spokesman for the QCA says that markers of essay-style questions would be expected to have a background in the subject.

In maths, they would need to follow the working-out, for example, and in English literature, it would be much more likely that a senior examiner would have to have a background in the subject to follow the mark scheme.

Most markers are experts in their subjects. Although AQA uses non-teaching staff without backgrounds in the subjects they mark, it says general markers are used in limited circumstances, such as language listening tests, where one-word answers are required.

No need for experts Edexcel says its training means examiners are not required to be subject experts. The board trained 22, markers this year.

The QCA code states that "new examiners must receive appropriate training to enable them to carry out their duties". But she says the three-hour session she attended was chaotic and not comprehensive, and only three example scripts were dealt with in a large group of 30 trainees.

It consisted of the markers being asked to 'find a quiet corner' to read texts they were unfamiliar with, so they could evaluate students' responses.

Maths coursework marking

In some cases, this entailed reading 16 poems and five short stories. We were given 30 minutes to do this. Her father had been a teacher and she called him and he advised her to walk out. As an English literature undergraduate researcher at the University of Sussex, he is well qualified.

I had an email from Edexcel saying 'thank you for agreeing to mark maths'. It was probably the final straw. Ultimately, it's the students who are missing out on having their exam scripts marked fairly. The QCA code says that new examiners should have a mentor to "provide close support throughout the marking period".

Typically, it was a one-line email, neglecting to answer any of my questions. At the start, she did send me one-word comments on a handful of scripts, but the advice was vague and did not require me to change anything.

If someone's had a bad experience, then that's disappointing. But the main thing is they marked well, otherwise they wouldn't have been allowed to continue. She was initially asked to mark responses.Marking criteria for written examinations and coursework for all undergraduate degree programmes.

Provides guidance on the overall standards expected at different grade bands. Saturday 14/02/04 Deal class coursework workshop at Dover centre Saturday 21/02/04 Margate class coursework workshop at Hartsdown If you are unable to attend the workshop for your class then it may be possible for .

The General Regulations for the and degrees and the special regulations for the Mathematics degree programmes are printed in the current version of the Durham University Calendar (Volume II).

GCSE Maths Coursework Tasks- Still Something to Offer? – Modulo Maths

Assessment is based on written examinations and marking of . Aug 02,  · In , then-Education secretary Alan Johnson (had a lot in the mean time) announced that he was going to scrap the coursework element of the GCSE Mathematics in favour of % examination-based assessment.

This move then came to fruition the following year. This was a move welcomed by the examination boards, who acknowledged the level. Aug 02,  · GCSE Maths Coursework Tasks- Still Something to Offer? Posted on August 2, by modulomaths Posted in GCSE Tagged GCSE, GCSE Coursework, Proof, Reasoning In , then-Education secretary Alan Johnson (had a lot in the mean time) announced that he was going to scrap the coursework element of the GCSE .

The exam board collects all the coursework marks given by the teacher, and an examiner marks one or two sample courseworks from your class. The marks given by the examinare and your teacher are compared, and the marks given by your teacher will be adjusted .

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