National business report tv piracy

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National business report tv piracy

How do pirates do it?

national business report tv piracy

There are essentially three types of pirate attacks. The most common type of attack is where pirates board the merchant vessel, rob the crew and escape. Do you really want to lose your life just as I am about to set your ship free? The problem was the Bonsella was just too slow, for pirate work so its cargo of first aid medicine was simply stripped from vessel, along with everything else that could be carried off.

At least the crew was spared. The second type of pirate attack is a more ambitious one where pirates not only rob the crew but steal the cargo. The time of attack is almost always between 1: During those hours, most of the crew is either asleep, on the bridge or below decks in noisy engine spaces.

Little attention is paid to the sound of grappling hooks thrown over the stern. Even a vessel making over 17 knots is not safe from expert pirates who come along side at high speed and board in seconds.

These can be pretty sophisticated thugs, using radar and global positioning systems to track their prey.

national business report tv piracy

Modern pirates have even been known to carry computer generated cargo manifests which have been obtained in advance for later use during machine gun enforced "shopping sprees. One favorite scheme is for pirates to literally interview their intended victims at port and then radio ahead to the pirate ship at sea when the time for attack approaches.

A reverse of this scheme is the "Pre-Planned Stowaway Trick. The rendezvous would be deadly. Another trick is a new twist on what I call the "Little Mermaid" concept. Pirates using prostitutes for luring crews into what I would call "submission" so that their vessel might be more easily attacked and taken.

The facts of each attack may be different, and increasingly more innovative, but escape is always easy -- because help for the merchant vessel is not "just around the corner. The terror experienced by lone victims at sea is not an emotion we can readily understand. Pirate gangs are generally thought to average about 5 attacks a year, always retreating to the safety of a small local port where they are often protected by the locals.

Indeed, piracy can be thought of as a cottage industry in areas of Indonesia and the Philippines where agrarian pursuits alone may be insufficient to support the local village economy.

Indeed, it should be recalled that the United States Marine Corps. Up until a few years ago, one could visit a hotel overlooking Manila Bay and ask to see a pirate known as "Capt. Fortunately, the good captain was caught and executed.

This month alone the Marshall Islands has taken space in U. S, newspapers to announce "free registration" for any ship until Jan.

These "Blue Light Specials" merely encourage crooks to become true pirates. The next step is to find a shipper who is short on time to move his cargo.

BSA - Report Piracy Now: Case Don't worry, all will become clear. The story is also about how the net's affecting a big powerful medium, commercial television.

An excellent victim candidate is anyone with a letter of credit about to expire. Next, the pirate gang or its bogus shipping agent simply offers up the renamed "Phantom Ship" as carrier, loads the cargo, issues an authentic looking bill of lading to the proper destination port -- and sails off into the sunset.

Obviously, the Pirate diverts the "Phantom Ship" to a different port, selling the cargo either to an existing partner or an innocent buyer. Once its cargo is discharged -- the time has come to again repaint, rename and reflag. Last year was particularly brutal where these practices are concerned.

On September 25th armed Pirates boarded a Malaysian tanker in Indonesian waters, horribly slashing one officer and beating others before tying up the rest of the crew.On the surface, it appears the cable companies are winning at least one battle — the effort to crush the"free TV" Android box business.

While investigating intellectual property theft, the FBI focuses on the theft of trade secrets and infringements on products that can impact consumers’ health and safety.

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30K ‘India mooted role for Anil Ambani’s firm in Rafale deal,' says France's ex-President Hollande. On July 26, , a DVD quality copy of The Expendables 3 was leaked online, 1 three weeks ahead of its scheduled release.

2 The best estimates are that it had been downloaded over million times, 3 which threatened to take a hefty bite out of the profits of the film.

This left Lionsgate. We advocate for the fundamental rights of creators, a strong global creative economy, and a thriving digital marketplace that encourages the production of new creative content and protects against piracy and illegal distribution.

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