Organisational study about varroc engineering

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Organisational study about varroc engineering

Varroc are a relatively new company, founded in India in by the current Managing Director Tarang Jain with their father Naresh Chandra as Chairman and non-executive Director.

Organisational study about varroc engineering

The company started activities with plastic parts, then electrical and metallic parts for the Indian transportation industry—particularly for two wheelers.

Varroc then extended their activity to lighting in India, still mainly for two- and three-wheelers, this being still today in India their core business for lighting.

Varroc are currently the two-wheeler lighting leader in India. Varroc still hold the strong positions with customers held before by Visteon, particularly with Ford and Jaguar Land Rover.

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But Varroc have also expanded their activities thanks to a good cost competitiveness mainly due to their locations in low-cost countries naturally in India, as well for global business in Europe in Czechia and Poland, and in North America in Mexico.

These developments were realised in close cooperation with some key suppliers that is a part of the Varroc strategy to accelerate their offer for high-tech products despite a relative lower level of resources compared to their main competitors.

Organisational study about varroc engineering

Varroc have for instance announced soon the production of low-cost LED reflectors systems and are developing high definition ADB system with up to 1. But the central strategy of Varroc Lighting Systems to develop their business is "to bring leading edge technology to the mainstream markets with high quality, cost competitive solution".

Varroc are very ambitious for the future, wanting to be one of the three main lighting suppliers in the world. Varroc have some important strengths: Varroc can also rely now on a new financial support as they have in introduced the parent company Varroc Engineering in the Indian financial market, so they can continue their quick pace for acquisitions or be part of a future important merger.

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Nevertheless, this path to become part of the top three could be relatively long as Varroc are still today relatively small compared to their five main competitors that are currently about three to five times bigger and still growing.4) Varroc Engineering carries out Health, Environment, Conserving History, Education, Sports as their CSR activities in Aurangabad 5) Finolex cables focuses on Social Welfare and Rural Development, Education, Medical, Sports, Environment.

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Dec 13,  · M/s Varroc Engineering Pvt Ltd. PLANT- III, MIDC Chakan PUNE is a ISO/TS certified & leading company in the automotive components manufacturing field.

Pune plant –III is Digital Speedometer, Tail lamp, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, Regulator Rectifier. Our employees are driven by passion for work, adopting the best working practices superheaded by our system and sharing the best working practices.

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