Post practicum paper

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Post practicum paper

Smith School of Nursing Each student will be required to submit a completed health and immunization form provided by the School of Nursing, evidence of personal health insurance and malpractice insurance, and American Heart Association AHA current Basic Life Support BLS for healthcare provider certification after being accepted for admission.

Applicants who want to receive credit for prior nursing course s taken at another institution must submit a written request with supporting documentation and credit be negotiated before admission to the School of Nursing and not after the student is enrolled. Meet admission requirements to the Robert E.

Associate Degree in Nursing with a minimum 3.

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Completion of a Robert E. Smith School of Nursing Doctoral Program application. At least one reference must be academic in nature. A copy of a current unencumbered registered nurse license to practice in the state in which the student will perform clinical.

At least one year of continuous clinical nursing experience with patient contact as a Registered Nurse within the past three years by completion of the BSN degree requirements.

Completion of an interview with the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing faculty members prior to admission with a score of 50 or better application packet must be complete before an interview is scheduled.

Post practicum paper

Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing degree with a minimum 3. At least one year of continuous clinical nursing experience with patient contact as an RN within the past three years.

Master of Science degree in Nursing with a minimum 3. At least one year of continuous clinical nursing experience with patient contact as an RN or advanced practice nurse within the past three years.The Top Ten Things I Wish I'd Known as a First-Year Teacher Tuesday, May 14, The International Development (IDEV) program educates and trains development practitioners who are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to end poverty.

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Post practicum paper

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