Quotations for essay technical education

Sometimes it is personal, about a significant event, for example. Or you can be arguing about two contrasting viewpoints.

Quotations for essay technical education

Standler By way of introduction, I: I shall personally do all work on my client's case or problem, so that my client gets the full benefit of my education and experience. Please note that I concentrate in academic problems in higher-education law i.

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I am willing to consult on these academic problems in high schools and elementary schools. My homepage at www. My Essays About Education Law Essays on this website are provided only to provide general information and to communicate my personal comments on interesting topics in law, technology, and society.

Essays on this website are neither legal advice nor legal opinion. Accessing this website or reading documents on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. See my disclaimer for details. All essays at this website are protected by copyright. I am an attorney only in Massachusetts, so I can not provide legal advice to people in other states of the USA, unless they have been injured or sued in Massachusetts, or unless your local attorney hires me as a consultant.

Myers, as well as other Supreme Court cases in this area, then briefly discusses how lower courts have applied these principles to professors who are employed at state universities. Government Restrictions on Scientific Publicationsdiscusses restrictions on publishing information about weapons of mass destruction, restrictions on encryption technology, and trade restrictions on providing services or technology to rogue nations.

Colleges can revoke degrees if plagiarism, or other misconduct, is discovered after a student has graduated. Law students who work in a practicing attorney's office or for a judge often observe plagiarism or ghostwriting by attorneys and judges.

These law students may be confused by the absolute prohibition against plagiarism in law school and the apparent acceptability of plagiarism by some attorneys and judges.

This essay also contains a list of cases involving injuries in a school or college shop class. Some grieved plaintiffs have alleged that an accrediting association is a "state actor" and therefore must provide due process.

One section of my essay on possible state action by private colleges explains why an accrediting association is not a state actor and cites relevant cases. My essay explains why judges do not allow educational malpractice claims. My essay on academic abstention explains a doctrine in the USA that is poorly articulated by judges, in which judges refuse to review purely academic decisions by schools or colleges.

The consequence of this doctrine is that the school or college always wins in academic disputes involving grading, expulsion of a student for failure to maintain minimum academic standards, acceptability of a thesis or dissertation, etc.

I have posted a list of citations to academic abstention cases, with a terse quotation from each case.

Quotations for essay technical education

Because the doctrine of academic abstention prevents judges from hearing purely academic disputes, there is little an attorney can do after the hearing s and appeal s on campus have been exhausted.

For this reason, students should hire an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in higher-education law at the first indication of a problem, so the attorney can advise the student about a resolution on campus.

I have written an essay on the legal right of an accused student to have an attorney at a disciplinary hearing on a college campus. Courts review disciplinary decisions made by state colleges, but when a judge finds inadequate due process, the college then provides more process, and usually the college again obtains the same result.

For this reason, litigation against a college on due process grounds is generally futile. Some attorneys have argued that a private college is a "state actor", so that the private college is required to provide civil liberties, including due process of law.

My essay on possible state action by private colleges explains why courts have held that private colleges are not state actors. Some attorneys have claimed that a professor has a fiduciary duty to students. My essay reviews the reported cases and explains why the professor-student relationship is not a fiduciary relationship.

Copyright by Ronald B.It is my assertion that the publishers of the October 1, Watchtower, a Jehovah's Witness journal, blatantly misrepresented statements from at least five well-known secular sources in an attempt to discourage their readers from pursuing higher education.

While a religious journal may choose not to use secular sources for instructional purposes, if the journal's editor allows its writers to.

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Islam, Muslims and Islamic civilization are under siege in America. Subsequent to the tragic incidents of September 11, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, ISIS’s barbarism and Paris shooting, Islam both as religion and community has witnessed some of the worst attacks upon its heritage and legacy unprecedented in the previous history.

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