Senior center essay

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Senior center essay

Today, IT plays a significant strategic and revenue role in most companies, and is deeply integrated with business functions. IT has always been considered a cost center. You are probably thinking "Why does this matter?

JIT always drove inventories down sharply, giving companies a much faster response time when demand changed. However, accounting systems count inventory as an asset, so and any significant reduction in inventory had a negative impact on the balance sheet. Balance sheet metrics made their way into senior management metrics, so successful JIT efforts tended to make senior managers look bad.

Senior center essay senior management metrics made their way down into the metrics of manufacturing organizations, and when they did, efforts to reduce inventory were half-hearted at best.

A generation of accountants had to retire before serious inventory reduction was widely accepted as a good thing. Frequently these accounting metrics make their way into the performance metrics of senior managers, while contributions to business performance tend to be deemphasized or absent.

Senior center essay

As the metrics of senior managers make their way down through the organization, a culture of cost control develops, with scant attention paid to improving overall business performance.

Help in delivering business results is appreciated, of course, but rarely is it rewarded, and rarer still is the cost center that voluntarily accepts responsibility for business results.

The incentives send a clear message: Being in a cost center can be demoralizing. Your budget is unlikely to increase when times are good, but when times are tight, it will be the first to be cut. If you think that a bigger monitor would make you more efficient, good luck making your case.

Yet Senior center essay your colleagues in trading suggest larger monitors will help them generate more revenue, the big screens will show up in a flash. What kind of mitigating circumstances might help IT escape the cost center trap?

There is serious competition from startups. And in a competitive battle, a profit center will beat a cost center every time. IT is recognized as a strategic business driver.

You would think that a digital transformation would be undertaken only after a company has come to realize the strategic value of digital technology, but this is not the case.

IT has been treated as if it were an outside contractor for so long that it is difficult for company leaders to think of IT as a strategic business driver, integral to the company's success going forward. A serious IT failure has had a huge impact on business results. When it becomes clear exactly how dependent a profit center is on a so-called cost center, people in the profit center are often motivated to share their pain with IT.

Smart IT departments will use this opportunity to share the gain also. Many people in the Agile movement preach that teams should have responsibility for the outcomes they produce and the impact of those outcomes.

But responsibility starts at the top and is passed down to teams. When IT is managed as a cost center with cost objectives passed down through the hierarchy, it is almost impossible for team members from IT to assume responsibility for the business outcomes of their work. When IT metrics focus on cost control, digital transformations tend to stall.

Business results, not cost, should receive the focused attention of every member of the team, and every incentive that matters should be aimed at reinforcing this focus.

Yes, there were plenty of big data centers that were no doubt capitalized, since the movement to the cloud was just beginning.

But in addition to that, a whole lot of spending on software development was also being capitalized. And herein lies the seeds of another undue influence of accounting policies over IT practices. This creates a big dilemma because it's no longer clear when, or even if, software development should be capitalized.

Moving expenditures from capitalized to expensed not only changes whose budget the money comes from, it can have tax consequences as well. And what happens when all that capitalized software which, by the way, is an asset vanishes?

Just as in the days when JIT was young, continuous delivery has introduced a paradigm shift that messes up the balance sheet. But the balance sheet problem is not the only issue; depreciation of capitalized software can wreck havoc as well.

In manufacturing, the depreciation of a piece of process equipment is charged against the unit cost of products made on that equipment.

The more products that are made on the equipment, the less cost each product has to bear. So there is strong incentive to keep machines running, flooding the plant with inventory that is not currently needed.

In a similar manner, the depreciation of software makes it almost impossible to ignore its sunk cost, which often drives sub-optimal usage, maintenance and replacement decisions. Capitalization of development creates a hidden bias toward large projects over incremental delivery, making it difficult to look favorably upon agile practices.

Hopefully we don't have to wait for another generation of accountants to retire before delivering software rapidly, in small increments, is considered a good thing.The links below provide concise advice on some fundamental elements of academic writing.

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Senior center essay

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