Speech writing about bullying

How to Write a Summary of an Article? You come home in bruises and cuts and dried up blood. Can you imagine that?

Speech writing about bullying

Is there something wrong with me? Or am I really what they say I am? Could I be a victim of bullying? Have you ever been bullied? Has it happened to your peers or have you just seen or heard about it on TV?

Many people have different opinions on what bullying is. All of these things are correct, as they are different ways you can be bullied.

However, they are not the official definition of bullying.

speech writing about bullying

Everyone has a different opinion, but the definition I follow is: Anything that a person does on purpose to upset or hurt another person — the victim.

The victim is the person that gets bullied. Bullying even makes you feel like you are sick or something is wrong with you!

It is not your fault if you get bullied. Did you know that thousand children get bullied everyday in Canada? That means that 1 out of 5 students get bullied everyday!

And people say that Canadians are too nice to be bullies! Many people are unaware of the bullying that happens around them. That just shows how bad it is. Here are some myths and facts about bullying: We give bullies power by our acceptance of this behavior.

Research shows that bullying will stop when adults in authority and peers get involved. While there are some times when people can be forced to defend themselves, hitting back usually makes the bullying worse and increases the risk for serious physical harm.

Bullying is a broader social problem that happens everywhere. Bullying is a learned behavior and behaviors can be changed. Okay, you are probably wondering what the different types of bullying are?

Statistics show that there are six different types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Indirect, social Alienation. Verbal Bullying is the most common because it is not as easily noticed as physical is.

Talk about how horrible this is! Think if you were the target or the person that got bullied! Bullies bully because it makes them feel better than everyone else! Also they do it because they have been bullied at some point in life and feel like they need revenge.

A bully can be a person that is big or someone small, it just depends on what type of bullying we are talking about. Sometimes teenagers and older students bring guns to school to kill bully but end up injuring many others too. That just shows how out- of- hand this can get, bullying is that serious!

You may think now — wow — how can you stop bullying when you can barely see it happening! The best way for you to make a start is to talk to your friends and have a discussion in your class and make a set of rules to put an end to it.

Then present the idea to your whole school. The next step is to create an Anti-Bullying team so you can end bullying at your school. Bullying is so bad that it can end up with dying and killing others which shows exactly how serious and bad this is!

Remember everything I have told you today and you will not be a bully or not be afraid to stand up for yourself!

Just be strong, keep your head up high and do your best to stop bullying once and for all! Thank you for listening and Good Bye!Bullying is a popular topic at the moment and will make for a very persuasive speech because of the number of victims of bullying that will be listening to speak about it.

I am willing to bet that most of the audience will side with your argument using this topic. Jan 13,  · Bullying has had such an effect of society that many believe that agencies should focus more on protecting the victims of bullying, with more policies and procedures set into place to give the victims of bullying more rights and help.

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nonfiction, bullying, speech. All quotes are from Brainy Quotes, iridis-photo-restoration.com, a. Essay on A Speech on Bullying Words Sep 2nd, 5 Pages Good Morning/Afternoon fellow class mates, the issue that I have come to share and talk about with you today is Bullying.

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Sample persuasive speech outline on bullying. Describe for yourself why you liked it. There are speech main samples of the persuasive.. Sample persuasive speech outline ideas persuuasive speeches.

As you write the informative essay, you cannot include your own opinion on the topic in the thesis statement. Identify and follow one. Read A Simple Bullying Speech from the story INSPIRING WORDS! by 1Dfanwhoseaguy (Wailan) with 56, reads.

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