The four motivations that starts a riot

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The four motivations that starts a riot

I am extremely passionate about studying relationships, and studying different personality profiles. What is it in life that motivates people?

Four Motivations

If we know what motivates us, we will know how to be successful, and how to live the best life possible. I hope as you read you will really identify with one or more of these main motivations. I think you will also really understand the people around you better, and it will help you to see life through a different lens, a sharper lens.

It’s hard to imagine Pussy Riot being any different — the three women arrested in February last year are its public face, but there’s an entire collective behind them, one whose motivations. THE FOUR STAGES OF CRUELTY starts out as a hard-boiled dramatic tale of one woman's experiences as a corrections officer in a men's penitentiary. The Centralia Massacre, also known as the Armistice Day Riot, was a violent and bloody incident that occurred in Centralia, Washington, on November 11, , during a parade celebrating the first anniversary of Armistice Day.

There are four primary things that motivate people in life. I will begin by explaining the first one, Significance.

People who are primarily motivated by Significance have a deep desire to have a significant impact on the world around them in this lifetime. Significance people are dreamers. They long to see change in culture, government, religion, and many other realms. They feel restless much of the time, and they always wonder if they are doing enough.

The downside of being primarily motivated by Significance is you will sometimes sacrifice relationships in order to change the world.

The four motivations that starts a riot

Significance people may also struggle with timing. We all have seasons in life to walk through, and the person motivated by significance might begin to feel resentful in their season of insignificance.

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That season should be embraced and cherished for the Significance person because you want your failures to be dealt with in the secret place, and you want your successes to be public. Remember that your life is not about arriving at your destination, it is the entire journey that defines us.

No matter how important you become and no matter how noble your work is, your family is the most important thing in your life. The second primary motivation is Connection.

People who are motivated by connection are moved by relationships. If there is a relationship in their life that is out of sorts or disconnected, it will be the only thing that person thinks about until it is fixed or resolved.

A Connection person is very community oriented.

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They love people, they love family, they love friends, and they love to share their life with those around them. Connection people are not motivated by success or money or fame or anything else that may be offered to them if it would cost them a relationship with someone they cared about.

Connection people do not do well with isolation. They have many close friends and it would be difficult for them to choose one favorite.

The downside of being motivated by Connection is sometimes they fall into the trap of being people pleasers. They tend to not take strong stands on issues because they are afraid it would cost them a friendship or a connection with someone they love. Connection people can be codependent and lean too much on others.

The third primary motivation is Certainty. People who are motivated by Certainty are planners and they like to feel very secure about their future. Certainty people are not fond of surprises, and they are not thrill seekers. They enjoy charts and spreadsheets, stability and consistency.

The world would be a very chaotic place without Certainty people! They have their feet firmly planted and they know where they are going. They enjoy safe, thought-out responsible plans and strategies. Certainty people can get stuck in ruts, they can be resistant to change not all change is bad.Understand the four motivations and use them in your persuasive methods.

See also Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation, Introjection, Self-Determination Theory. The Centralia Massacre, also known as the Centralia Tragedy and the Armistice Day Riot, was a violent and bloody incident that occurred in Centralia, Washington, on November 11, , during a parade celebrating the first anniversary of Armistice Day.

No-one is a hero in a new Australian film that asks tough questions about racism, violence and stupidity, writes Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore. In Down Under, the new black comedy on the Cronulla.

The motivations behind reactive responses are fairly straightforward. In one case, something happening in the office is prompting the employee to feel threatened.

Think of the jerk boss or bully.

Centralia massacre (Washington) - Wikipedia

Once a riot and looting begins, they build up a momentum of their own. A form of herd effect takes place, people loot because others are doing so as well.

The four motivations that starts a riot

A crowd offers anonymity so people who wouldn’t ordinarily steal feel that they can get away with it as everyone else is. I was a bit surprised when Venom and Riot came out to talk to "their humans" face to face, I thought it kinda took away of the whole symbiosis thing (I liked to think Venom's face was a mix of the symbiote and Eddie's DNA, but turns out all the symbiotes have that face).

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