The history different sizes and costs of the ball joint dolls bjds

History[ edit ] Bisque-headed German doll with ball-jointed composition body, c.

The history different sizes and costs of the ball joint dolls bjds

Some people who are new to both BJDs and Lolita who seem to think it is a requirement, but it's really not. It's just a hobby that overlaps nicely with Lolita, as BJDs are cute, fancy, and are pretty much the perfect person to twin with.

If you are interested in dressing up your BJDs in Lolita, check out this post for some places to buy Lolita clothes for dolls. I am not making this post because I am claiming you need a BJD to be called a Lolita, I am making it because many Lolitas are interested in getting one, and I just really like them myself and have been collecting them for a few years.

This may seem like a lot of info to take in if you are a BJD newbie, but hey, BJDs are a big investment, I think it's worth spending a few minutes learning about them before you buy one.

Now that that's out of the way, onto the dolls! First thing's first and that is: The BJD hobby has even more terms and abbreviations than Lolita, nearly every doll company, of which there are hundreds, has one and I certainly won't be going over each and every one of them in this post!

But there are a handful that you really should know. The paint job on the face. Even if your doll isn't going to be wearing "makeup" your doll will still need a faceup to give the head mold realistic details such as natural blushing, defined shadows, and eyebrows.

What BJDs are made of. It's like a very hard, dense plastic. Short for "Super Dollfie" which, as I said above is a specific brand of doll, but the abbreviation is also used to refer to dolls that are around 60cm in height, or the size of Super Dollfies.

Short for "Mini Super Dollfie", the smaller version of Volk's Dollfies, it is also used to denote the dolls approximate height, MSD being around 44cm tall. BJD basics If you collect BJDs you pretty much never stop learning about them, there are always new sculpts and companies coming out and just so many different techniques for customizing your doll, but there are some basic things you should know about BJDs before you are ready to take the plunge BJDs are expensive.

This is something everyone is aware of XD The first time you find out how much one of these dolls cost, you kind of do a double take. Of course, just like everything, there are some that are cheaper, and some that are more expensive. BJDs are not like Barbies.

The history different sizes and costs of the ball joint dolls bjds

That is to say, unless you buy a full set, which are usually limited editions and very pricey, you are not going to be able to just pop one in your shopping cart, open it up when you get home and immediately be able to play with it.

Most BJDs are sold nude and unpainted without even eyeballs or wigs. You're going to have to buy all that, as well as clothes separately. You get what you pay for. As Lolitas, we know this very well. Just like with frilly dresses, sometimes prices can be too good to be true.

There are bootleg BJD sellers out there, and this is no where near acceptable as it is with clothes knock-offs, bootleg BJDs are often made out of very fragile and sometimes toxic resin. You're still going to be spending hundreds of dollars, even on a bootleg BJD, but it's most likely going to be made out of completely garbage materials that are very likely to break or even make you sick.

As long as you do a bit of research about what company you plan on buying from, and try to avoid buying from auction sites, you're most likely not going to accidentally end up with a bootleg. Besides obvious bootlegs, there are a few companies who produce very cheap dolls.

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While a cheap doll may sound like a good idea for beginners who don't know if they are ready to drop big bucks on one doll, remember, that you are still getting what you pay for.

Some cheap dolls have a certain "look" about them that is from a sculptor not being very talented.Oct 31,  · The popular 43cm-ish and 60cm-ish sizes usually run $$ Then there are what Volks calls Dollfie and Dollfie plus, and the similar dolls by Obitsu. These are cm (about the size of a Skipper to the size of a Barbie).

They are jointed but not ball-jointed and not strung. They are not Resolved. 1/6 is about the size of a Barbie height-wise, but the proportions can be very different. I think that 1/6 Obitsu dolls can wear Barbie clothes, though they might require a bit of modification to fit nicely.

Ball-jointed fashion dolls are usually around 16 inches tall, closer to 1/4 scale than the typical 1/3 scale of Asian BJDs. They have more life-like proportions, smaller heads and eyes, and less child-like, more distinctive facial features. Ball joint dolls come in a huge variety of sizes that range from just under four inches (cm) to just about 41 inches (cm).

The only exception is PaperMoon dolls, which are life size and much, much rarer than any other BJDs. Origin of BJDs.

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Articulated dolls made of wood or clay have been around since ancient Egypt and Greece. However, the origin of the ball-jointed doll in modern history began in . Wich is why the 60cm dollfies and obitsus are 'grandfathered in' to the BJD hobby.

While they are not made of resin, some can have ball-joints. BJDs I think is whatever you see fit. Like lolita. Its gonna be your own style in some way. A BJD doesn't need to be MADE of resin. as long as it has ball joints. like in the name. I have 4 BJDs by the way.

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