The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

November 26, You are here: Speaking with locals, she was struck by the emotional intensity with which they spoke about the destruction of the grave markers in their communities.

The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

A Pioneer Cemetery St. We see this in the names of those buried here who, by their endeavours, shaped both the rising town and areas beyond. These names, although not a full list and randomly selected, show how surrounding suburbs grew and how early tracks to properties became official roads.

The first burial in the cemetery was that of James Mageethe child of two First Fleet convicts, buried 31 January — a date which confirms St.

As the list below demonstrates, the 17 First Fleeters with memorial plaques are a diverse group comprised of the convicted as well as free people of elite status, both men and women, and even a child: Augustus Altfree.

The significance and symbolism of the cemetery Hannah Clementsfree.

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Henry Doddfree. Thomas Ecclesa convict who stole a side of bacon and two loaves of bread. Edward Elliotta convict transported for burglary, he was one of the rare few who had a rural background as a husbandman.

Thomas Freemanfree. Hugh Hughesa convict transported for stealing 90 pounds of lead. Mary Kellya convict transported for seducing a publican with a view to robbery. David Killpacka convict transported for feloniously stealing poultry, was originally bound for America but mutinied on the Swift Isaac Knightfree.

Jane McManusa convict transported for stealing a silver watch and other goods. Christopher Palmerfree. A civilian servant to Andrew Miller and later the Commissary of Stores. John Palmerfree. Michaela Ann Cameron While the exact locations of all the unmarked graves within the cemetery are unknown, many of the earliest burials occurred in Section Four, which clearly has the least number of marked graves.

Some of those plots may have been defined originally by wooden markers, which were probably cleared away and burnt as they deteriorated.

The large number of unmarked graves in the cemetery generally points to the fact that the cost of a stone was beyond the reach of many. It is especially worth noting, then, that First Fleet convicts in marked graves a total of nine outnumber the free First Fleeters in marked graves a total of seven.

Although more gentlemen of quality would have been buried in Sydney cemeteries, the fact that so many First Fleet convicts have headstones indicates that even in the early days, given the opportunity to prosper, many convicts achieved sufficient wealth for a memorial to be carved and erected — a not inconsiderable cost.

Cemetery Desecration: Carol Lilly Uncovers Significance, Symbolism of Yugoslavian Gravestones

Among this group of convicts and free settlers who rose to prominence and prosperity are the businessmen and women of the district. The historical value of the cemetery embraces the stories of all those buried here; stories which range from pathos to bathos. In Section Three one finds Benjamin Ratty, a convict who became a constable and was shot by friendly fire while trying to arrest a gang of bushrangers.

Equally tragic is the story of Dr. Richard Greenup; stabbed to death by a pair of scissors wielded by one of his patients in the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. Both ladies passed away in what is now the world heritage listed convict site Parramatta Park, just a five-minute walk from the cemetery.

The double funeral of the Lady and the Lieutenant was the largest public funeral ever conducted at the cemetery. A white cross on the tree was the only memorial for years until the obelisk was erected.

The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

Before it was not compulsory to record births, deaths, and marriages so the earliest stones in St. They are truly documents in stone. Causes of death are sometimes found in headstone epitaphs and give an understanding of lifestyle.

As time went on, they listed not just names but where these people lived, their profession or calling, the ship they arrived on, whether convict or free, as well as pathetically young and surprisingly old ages. Without the benefit of medicines available today, it is to be expected that a disproportionate number of children died due to diseases that can now be cured easily or even prevented.

Food was often scarce or of poor quality and would have led to more deaths. Children and the elderly, being weaker, were more vulnerable.Clasped hands are another popular symbol.

If the cuffs match it is a handshake of farewell to earthly existence.

Historic Value: A Pioneer Cemetery

If the cuffs are male and female it indicates hands clasped in death as in life or eternal devotion. The one on the left is in Salem Lutheran Cemetery and the one on the right is in Forest Hill. As with all symbols, the platitude of their meanings can be ample, and with cemetery art, much of it can be conveyed through the use of symbols, characters, design, devices, figures, motifs and patterns.

Gravestones and Symbolism A Brief History of American Gravestone Design The grave markers in Oconee Hill Cemetery demonstrate a number of important historical trends that helped to shape American culture and popular conceptions of death and the afterlife.

The following is a list of cemetery symbols and icons. This list is provided by The International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc. and Dusty Smith for educational purposes in the field of gravestone studies.

Headstone Symbolism | Symbols on Headstones Demystified

There is so much symbolism in the soft and deep etches on each stone–in forms of flowers, words, animals, and other significant bas-relief and fixtures. RELATED: Oakwood .

The earlier Christian symbol was a Latin Cross with a circle around it and was used on the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery. After the s and the regulation of symbols, the . Learn the meaning of the gravestone symbolism of hands pointing up or down, or hands that are clasped, in this guide to tombstone symbols and icons. Cemetery Symbolism: Clasped Hands and . There is more than one interpretation for some symbols so interpretations must be used as possibilities, not certainties. General Gravestone Symbolism. See Clasped Hands: Symbolism in New Orleans Cemeteries, by Leonard V. Huber, published by the Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Southwestern Louisiana. It is fully illustrated and deals only with gravestones and tombs.

The earlier Christian symbol was a Latin Cross with a circle around it and was used on the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery.

After the s and the regulation of symbols, the .

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