The use of twitter and instagram for marketing

With over million monthly active users and a young demographic to boot, Twitter is a great platform for most marketers. Starting up a Twitter page for your company is easy.

The use of twitter and instagram for marketing

Email this Article Print This Article With Facebook declining in popularity among younger users, more and more businesses are turning to Instagram to reach younger demographics.

Doing so will ensure that people who want to connect with you elsewhere are able to make these connections. Chances are the smartphone in your pocket has all the power you need.

The use of twitter and instagram for marketing

Share Drop-Dead Gorgeous Images As a general rule, the pictures that perform best on Instagram are stunningly beautiful scenery shots. While not every photo you share will be this caliber, try to make it a priority to share gorgeous images once a week.

Overall, my go-to favorites for general image editing include hefe, inkwell and rise. Think in terms of story arcs and share series of pictures that show actions being taken, items that are associated with one another or progressions through time.

Try a Collage of Pictures Similarly, collages of pictures combined into a single image allow you to share more content with each upload. Use the image editing apps referenced above or one of a number of other programs designed to help you mash up pictures in this way.

Add Text to Your Pictures Memes tend to get a lot of traction on Instagram, so take advantage of this type of viral-style image by creating your own graphic and text combinations. To give it a try, use the movie camera icon within Instagram to record up to 15 seconds of footage and then apply a video-specific filter to improve its look.

Tell Your Brand Story Without Selling Brand marketing on Instagram can be tricky, as younger demographic users tend to be sensitive to over-promotion. Sharing surfing photos, for example, gives off a casual, laid back vibe, while sharing pictures of races creates a more motivated, driven identity.

Show New Uses for Your Products If you want to be more direct when marketing on Instagram, use your uploads to show off innovative new ways to use your products. Followers tend to be quite forgiving of brand marketing efforts when they receive something of value in exchange for their attention.

Introduce New Employees Whenever you hire a new employee, take a photo of him or her and post it to Instagram. Use Relevant Hashtags Hashtags are incredibly important on Instagram. Before releasing any image, search around for similar content to see which hashtags are likely to lead to the most awareness and engagement.

Post your Instagram links to Facebook, Twitter and any other social media service your company uses in order to grow your user base and provide followers on other networks with valuable content.

Develop an Instagram Content Strategy

The less time you spend on account management, the more time you can invest into delivering great quality images. Use the system to discover new followers, connect with other people and analyze the social impact your photo-sharing activities have had.

Focus on Community — Not Influencers Instagram tends to be a democratic space.Instagram provides a wide range of metrics and insights for you to measure your performance, understand your audience, and improve the results of your Instagram marketing.

To gain access to Instagram Insights for your Instagram account, you’ll have . A couple months ago, there was a lot of chatter about Instagram reaching million monthly active users. Mostly, media focused on the comparison Instagram vs Twitter and the fact that Instagram’s user base now surpasses Twitter’s.

Why Instagram Should Be Part Of Every Marketing Strategy. by NewsCred June 9, Additionally, percent of Instagram users are more likely to remember a brand marketing themselves on the social network over television commercials and other traditional media.

Mobile marketing, if effective, should be just one of the many ways you use to communicate with your customers. Other methods, such as direct mailing, can be used well in conjunction with mobile marketing.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing Twitter generates over million tweets daily and allows you to share quick pieces of information and photos in an effort . Marketing Land is a daily, must-read site for CMOs, digital marketing executives and advertising campaign managers. Don't expect to create much social media content to share on the Apple Watch.

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