Write a book in 3 weeks or less

Not only do most people think that it takes tons of time and money, but most people will secretly admit that they fear being judgedbeing exposed, or simply the change that being an author would bring.

Write a book in 3 weeks or less

Maybe it will work for you, too. Start by having a minor midlife crisis when you realize that your next birthday will put you closer to 40 than Weep a little bit, softly or ragingly, in the corner or in the car, on your way to the grocery store, in the bathtub, at night in bed, really anytime in bedwhile watching Harry Potter with your kids, while taking a walk wear sunglasses so no one knows.

Drink a little too much, or not. That part is up to you. Overeat carbs until you feel not only emotionally freaked out but physically ill. It all starts here, in this pit of despair induced by the predictable and unstoppable process of aging, the arbitrary and unrealistic cultural expectations we accept unflinchingly, and the self-induced sunlight deprivation brought on by your choice to hide inside with your pizza and your last bottle of vodka rather than go out into the harsh, truth-telling sunlight of a humid July.

You roll and tumble, screaming, crying, full of self-loathing, down the hill of demoralization and demotivation until you rest, panting, at the bottom. This is your life, and you made it. You realize that, lying there, in that ditch.

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Nobody sent you here but yourself. Every single choice, every step down a road you did or did not want to walk, was your choice. You put that foot in front of the other. Nobody made you do it.

Writer's Block Is A Crock! Write A Book In 3 Weeks-Or Less! by Ginie Sayles

You walked down the road, whichever road it was, and you had your reasons. Maybe they were good reasons. They probably seemed like fabulous, self-sacrificing, practical, justifiable reasons at the time.

You see that all your stories about doing things for others and helping people and being practical and having a future and being your best self were stories to hide your fears and your truths. Your fears are deep and you have so many of them.

But most of them are shallow fears, like having your debit card declined at the grocery store or discovering that the mole on your left thigh is not benign. Shallow because, while those events strike fear in us, they are actually wake-up calls. So here you are, with me, in the pit of despair, thinking of puns and deciding that maybe we will just live here.

In the pit, the deeper fear speaks. The fear of waste. From being afraid of trying something and failing to being desperately, clearly horrified at the idea of not trying something that your whole being is telling you to try.

You feel the deeper fear, the fear of what your own fears could do to you: You have done the things you thought were necessary and right and still, you are lying there, in the pit, and nothing is safe, after all.

You shift into a perspective that slithers into your brain, from the dirt and mud, from those moldy leaves and that stagnant water down there. Did you decide to do this?Writer's Block Is A Crock: Write A Book In 3 Weeks - Or Less! [Ginie Sayles] on iridis-photo-restoration.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

I once took a psychology test that revealed I Reviews: How to write the first draft of a novel in 30 days Writing a novel can be daunting.

But introducing structure to the process can help you maintain momentum over the course of a month without. (Which took him six whole weeks to write!) The rest of Death is No Obstacle is about writing in these other forms.

So all of the quotes below are from just the first chapter of the book.

write a book in 3 weeks or less

Based on her popular Write A Book In 3 Weeks-Or Less Seminar, Ginie teaches you how to: * Structure a Fiction Plot in about 30 minutes to an hour * Outline a Nonfiction Book in about 30 minutes to an hour. Jun 26,  · To ask other readers questions about Writer's Block Is A Crock!

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How to Write a Book in 3 Weeks: This Plan Makes It Possible